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Is there any Indian female DotA 2 player?

  1. Coz Indians play Ranked Games in the SE Asia servers with Pinoy kids (tang ina, ako mid ) . This really sucks especially for low-skilled bracket players who cannot improve significantly.
  2. Because in India parents and society put immense pressure on a gamer to quit gaming as they think it would not benefit the child in terms of money and not a good career option.
  3. Dota requires lots of practice , hard work , determination and quick reflexes . For that u need to have minimium 6000 hours of playing time to be a professional which is next to impossible in india
  4. Gaming is considered as taboo in India.
  5. Indians think engineers, doctors , govt jobs are good career options but there are many options which they need to explore gaming is one of them.
  6. Going anonymous coz society u know 😐