Top 50 Hottest Female Chess Players In The World



Many divas have already broken the stereotypes and proved that they have the right amount of grey matter to complement their drop-dead beauty. Although it is not rare these days, the divas we have mentioned above still hold their place in the heart of true chess players.

And we hope you already liked our list of the hot chess players to look for this year. If we missed anyone, feel free to drop your suggestion in the comment section.

FAQs Regarding Hottest Chess Grandmasters

Q. Who is the most beautiful chess player?

Without any doubt, the Canadian-American chess diva Alexandra Botez is the most beautiful chess player of all time. This pretty girl in chess also has the right grey matter with the perfect appeal. Besides chess, she has an immense fan following on both her YouTube channel and Twitch account.

Q. Who is the current best female chess player?

Judit Polgár, the most notable female grandmaster among the Polgár sisters, is the current best female chess player. In early 2022, she has achieved her FIDE rating of 2675. However, she has achieved her all-time peak rating of 2735 in July 2005.

Q. Do chess players have a high IQ?

Yes, in general terms, professional players, especially chess grandmasters, do have a very high IQ. The general statistics suggest that a good chess player typically has an IQ of 100 and above. However, iconic players like Magnus Carlsen, Viswanathan Anand, and Garry Kasparov has more than 140 IQ.

Q. How do you attract a chess player?

It is truly a hot debate as it is not easy to attract the beauties with the brain. However, female grandmasters tend to be inclined towards their male chess counterparts. Besides, a few of them also accepted other sports heroes as their soulmates.

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