Top 50 Hottest Female Chess Players In The World

Regina Pokorna


Vladislav Tkachiev, talking about beauty in chess, called the 27-year-old Slovakian beauty Pokorno “a child-woman, an eternal girl”. It’s probably those incredible blue eyes, though you can never ignore her beautiful games and 2400+ rating. (Apparently, that’s pretty darn good in pro chess… I wouldn’t know).

If you google “Slovak woman”, you will see a lot of pretty women smiling, we have quite a warm, welcoming character culture (not so much in the winter) as opposed to Scandinavian countries (which are also known for blonde, blue-eyed women) and again, historically speaking, we have been known for hospitality and it seems like smiling at guests stuck. Even now if you come to Slovakia, it could be pretty easy to find very friendly, talkative women (and men, for that matter), willing to chat with you just to find out who you are, where you are from, what brings you here.