Top 50 Hottest Female Chess Players In The World

Eva Moser


Eva Moser (26 July 1982 – 31 March 2019) was an Austrian chess player. She was awarded the titles International Master (IM), in 2004, and Woman Grandmaster (WGM), in 2003, by FIDE. Moser won both the absolute and women’s Austrian chess championships. She competed in the Women’s World Chess Championship in 2008.

Eva Moser | Chess ©
Eva Moser | Chess ©

IM Eva Moser, Austria’s first women’s grandmaster, died unexpectedly at the age of 36 in March 2019 in Graz. Further details about the death of the player from the city of Spital are not yet known. In 2014, Eva defeated GM Rainer Buhmann with the black pieces, one of the biggest victories in her career.