Top 50 Hottest Female Chess Players In The World

Men dominated chess until some of the greatest female stars came to prove their worth. While most people thought it was almost impossible to attend the same brainpower while having a jaw-dropping look, several hot chess players have already proved that stereotype wrong!

We bring you a most-wanted list of the hottest female chess players in the world.  Their attractive facial features, stunning bodies, mesmerizing eyes, pleasing personalities, and lovely lips will spellbind you.

While some are drop-dead gorgeous, others are simply stunning & irresistible to watch playing. I bet you will visit this page at least 3 times a week. Their skin tone, fanciable features, and magnificent playing style will arrest you in your own thoughts, as quoted by legendary Bobby Fischer

Dorsa Derakhshani

Iranian WGM, FIDE Rating: 2277

Verdict: Iranian girls are famous around the world for their beauty, long hair, and sharp features. Dorsa makes this statement a ‘FACT’. She is drop-dead gorgeous and has a pleasing personality and alluring body language. Also, see our Top 50 list of hottest twitch streamers

Dorsa Derakhshani | Chess ©
Dorsa Derakhshani | Chess ©

This Girl Might be the Sexiest female Chess Player in the world. Dorsa is a ‘Sex Symbol of Chess’. This Iranian diva is extremely beautiful. Her sharp facial features and killer look is definitely a game-winner. She was banned from playing in Iran for NOT wearing a hijab and now represents the USA.