50 Hottest Female Athletes in the World

Athletes were assessed on six criteria, including strength: the pushing-off power of a pole vaulter or the ballistic backhand of a Grand Slam champion; speed: the top-end velocity of a sprinter or the quick-cut burst of a point guard; endurance: a cyclist’s ceaseless drive or a boxer’s ability to absorb punishment and keep punching; and agility: the fluid movements of a gymnast or the knife-edge balance of a downhill skier. Count down to see who is the fittest female athlete in the world right now.

52. Alica Schmidt

  • Country: Germany
  • Sport: Athletics

Alica is a hugely talented track and field athlete from Germany who joined the national team as a teenager in 2017, where she won her first under 20 4 x 400 m relay event at the European Athletics Championship.

That has set the stage for an amazing career ahead, as Alicia is only 22 years old.

On her Instagram and other social media feeds, she often shares not just images of training and competitive events.

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