Hottest Celebrity Lips – 50 Sexiest Pouts in the World

Attractive lips make a BIG first impression, fuller pout make that impression last forever. There are hundreds of girls out there with beautiful lips, but we bring you the best lips in show business.

Hottest Celebrity Lips – 50 Sexiest Pouts in the World. Lets discuss Hottest Celebrity Lips. Which celebrity/Actress/Movie star has the sexiest lips. The best celebrity lips (women) are those babes with the plumpest, poutiest and most kissable lips around. Be them natural or with some cosmetic help, these best female celebrity lips are the best in the business.

If you’re looking to upgrade your lips with a little nip or tuck, take these best women’s celebrity lips as the standard. Be it from good genes or good docs, many of these ladies have larger than average lips. They are all known for their lovely and large lips.

Amanda Seyfried Lips

This ‘Mean Girls’ actress is almost like a doll – with those big eyes and of course, the juicy full lips. We end our list with this crimson-lipped beauty. With some of the hottest pouts and puckers, these are definitely the best in the industry. And we are definitely not paying lip service here!

Amanda Seyfried Lips Hottest Celebrity Lips


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  1. White women have gorgeous plump lips, too, dahling. Sorry to burst your bubble. Most of the women talked about in this slideshow have natural lips. Accept it. Sorry.

  2. Racist much? Think of all the beautiful White actresses with natural lips who have never gone anywhere near a needle, many listed in this article. You’re fooling yourself if you think you have the market cornered on lip shapes, m o r o n.