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With StyleSeat, founder and CEO McCloskey found a way to use scheduling software to improve the salon experience for both stylists and clients. “Business fundamentals are something that a stylist shouldn’t be spending energy on,” she says. “A data scientist should be spending energy on that.” McCloskey created the platform while she was working distribution for Current TV, spending nights and weekends to perfect a system that handles salons’ booking, client management, and marketing. It has now facilitated over 120 million appointments and a billion dollars a year in bookings.

Weathering storms over privacy concerns hate speech and racial inequities in AI, the tech industry is facing a reckoning. At the same time, there exist so many reasons to believe there is hope. Here are 17 of them.

They recognize that moving forward with the status quo is no longer an option and, crucially, that tech can be used as a force for good. Working in venture capital, AI, cryptocurrency and running some of the nation’s biggest companies as well as the industry’s most progressive inclusion initiatives, the women below are using their talents and skills to help tech shape the kind of world we want to be a part of.