40 Hottest Female CEO’s – World’s Sexiest Business leaders

Dria Murphy, CEO Of Alise Collective

The classy, chic, and sophisticated, Alexandria Murphy, is the founder and chief executive of Alise Collective, a creative brand-building company. Through a company that specializes in innovative strategies and decisive partnerships, the captivating entrepreneur partners the biggest hospitality brands with the trendiest wellness programs, coordinates cultural initiatives for her client, Google, and continues to create success for the people and brands she works with. Before launching Alise Collective in 2015, Murphy worked at top fashion houses, including Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Topshop, and she helped establish startups in the tech, fashion and home décor industries through brand partnerships, social media, marketing, and events. The fitness fanatic and health guru is involved in many things related to fitness, wellness, business, and networking. In 2019, Murphy also co-founded The Ness, a community-based fitness studio that offers trampoline cardio and muscle-sculpting classes.