40 Hottest Female CEO’s – World’s Sexiest Business leaders

As of today, 44 women CEOs are leading high-grossing companies in the Fortune 500 list. While this number represents only 6.6% of the entire group, it’s still a significant jump from 2018’s total of 24 female senior executives. Even though women continue to face challenges climbing to the top of the corporate ladder, many companies benefit when they have women in leadership positions. Based on research, female bosses are better listeners and motivators and are more engaged and encouraging when it comes to both employee and company development.

Corporate giants, such as Kohl’s, Oracle, Walmart, and Yahoo!, have reached the pinnacle of success under the leadership of women who do not just possess beauty and brains but also vision, passion, compassion, and innovation. These brilliant women do not only help businesses grow and increase revenue by millions, but their charm, grace, charisma, fashion sense, and style also draw people in and elevate corporate performance.

Read on to learn more about the most beautiful and successful female business leaders in the world. Super-Hot People Who Happen To Be CEOs

Alexis Glick

Vice President of Fox Business News & former Executive Director at Morgan Stanley

Alexis Glick is an American television personality who was an anchor of Money for Breakfast and The Opening Bell on Fox Business Network, as well as the Vice President of Business News. She is definitely the hottest women in business right now