Top 100 Hollywood Celebrity Feet

89. Liv Tyler Feet

Liv Tyler’s feet deserve to be #1 on the wikiFeet. If you watch all her feet photos, you will be convinced, that she is not only an elf Goddess but a true Barefoot Queen. I’ve seen a lot of things today that I can’t unsee. And, well, they all have to do with Liv Tyler’s feet.

Liv Tyler Feet | Hollywood Celebrity WikiFeet |
Liv Tyler Feet | Hollywood Celebrity WikiFeet |

You might be surprised to hear that the foot obsession carries on to Hollywood as well. If you’ve never searched for celebrity feet, you’ll find that a quick search will lead you to thousands of websites and photos of just feet—dressed-up feet, dirty feet, and all sorts of feet. Here are the Most Searched female Hollywood Actress Feet of All times. All actress wiki feet list of women with stunning feet.

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