Top 100 Hollywood Celebrity Feet

Foot Lovers are something of general knowledge today, with various studies and even famous figures like Quentin Tarantino causing much discussion around this often hidden obsession. And if we’ve learned anything in the modern era, it’s that the Internet is one of the most startlingly clear ways to peer into the most concealed parts of people’s minds.

Take Wikifeet, for example, a website dedicated solely (no pun intended!) to celebrity feet, revealing which stars’ feet photos have the most views. Click through to see the top 100 stars with the most popular feet online.

90. Kate Beckinsale Feet

‘It was a weird day: Kate Beckinsale winces as she gets her toes sucked by a female co-star in the bizarre erotic scene for the new comedy series Guilty Party. Discussing the scene, Kate revealed she had weirdly been sent her own feet by someone with a foot fetish on Instagram prior to filming.

She said: ‘It was a really weird day. ‘Somebody had sent me an article that morning of, I guess, Instagram’s top foot fetishes, saying that I was his favorite feet – which by the way, I’m not particularly attracted to my own feet, they’re not like something I ever think about. So I was already feeling a bit hunted in the foot department. We have covered her Amazing Feet Click Here

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