Halston Sage Feet

Halston Sage Facts

  1. She has done horse riding for a consecutive eight years competitively.
  2. During her time in high school, she served as the editor for the school newspaper.
  3. She likes to get a good book as a gift.
  4. Halston likes to have anything, which has chocolate.
  5. She likes to ride bikes. It is her favorite weekend activity.
  6. She is fond of old songs and listen to them in the car via radio. In addition to that, Halston also enjoys watching 1980s movies.
  7. She had done ziplining and SCUBA diving at St. Maarten in the past.
  8. She owns dogs of breed “Golden Doodle” and an “Alaskan Klee Kai”.
  9. She was the class President when in eighth grade.
  10. She wanted to be a dentist as a kid.
  11. She got her first major job on a Friday, the 13th, just like her mom.
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