Greta Thunberg Feet

Greta Thunberg Feet In Socks Are GODLIKE

Greta Thunberg’s Feet look very good in Socks, she is often seen donning socks, that keep her feet nice and cozy. You will notice that she always keeps her feet covered, and wear the same blue sports shoes most of the time.

One look at her pretty feet reveals, how pretty her feet are. Swedish girls are known to be very beautiful & creative. Greta has certainly got a nice pair of feet out there. #BarefootGreta , #SocksChallenge, #GretaThunberg, #Friday4Socks, #SweatySocks.

One U.S man named Tony Itario ( name changed due to privacy reasons) has reportedly offered to pay Greta an undisclosed amount if he is allowed to walk barefoot with her. This happened after Greta started the #BarefeetRally around the world and a number of celebrities have joined her barefoot movement by posting their own barefoot photos to encourage her. Toes of Greta Thunberg are pedicured, as she takes good care of them at all times.

She wants to show solidarity by living barefoot, and also be closer to earth by establishing a ‘Connection’ directly with the ground. Greta Thunberg’s toes are perfectly well blended with her socks, and quite attractive to be honest.

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