Greta Thunberg Feet

Greta Started a Sock Challenge On Twitter

Greta Thunberg’s Socks Challange #OneWeekSockChallange went viral after she shared this photo on twitter. She reportedly wore the same pair of socks for over 7-days. Oh My Lord, all those 7 days she has been walking with those socks on. Those socks might be smelling of stink from her feet.

Greta Thunberg Socks

While we like to think she cares for the world by deciding to go barefoot, by NOT changing out her socks frequently, she is putting her feet at risk of catching infection to her soft soles.  One user also jokingly suggested she sell her worn socks online on eBay or Reddit. I am sure many foot lovers will be fighting to buy those stinking socks drenched in hard-working Greta’s sweat.

Well, enough of this weird discussion, we just want her to STOP doing these barefoot challenges and carry on the protest in a more efficient manner. The only positive effect of Greta’s barefoot campaign has been the people supporting Greta on Twitter & Instagram by uploading their barefoot images.

Check out how her parents went barefoot to support Greta !… Keep Reading.

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