Greta Thunberg Feet

Greta Thunberg’s Thunderous Carbon Footprint

Fake News promote teenage Swede Greta Thunberg as a magical goddess of innocence; a nubile Gaia Earth deity, straight from the supernatural spirit world, here to guide mortals in how to “save” their planet. The moon-faced adolescent is just another ill-informed vegan brat, brainwashed by hippy parents. Her mom and dad are green activists who wrote a book about ‘the environmental crisis.’

Greta’s Footprint

The ‘carbon footprint’ made by Greta and her parents is thus enormous and inescapable, unless they throw away all their possessions, including their clothes, and go to live in the jungle with none of the products of capitalism. Oh, and Svante, no capitalism means no machete, fire starter, metal pot, duct tape, para-cord or mosquito nets – this is not TV. You and Greta go into the jungle with no capitalist products at all – not even discarded or washed-up junk – and see how long you survive. When you both die of hunger or disease about six weeks later, your bodies will decompose, creating greenhouse gases, and the howler monkeys will have the last laugh. You were not able to have a zero-carbon footprint, even in death. Of course, they will never do that, for the same reason Bernie Sanders never will. While they suck on the giant nipple of industry 24 hours a day they bawl about how it will bring about a mythical ‘ending of the world.’