25 Hottest Airline Flight Attendants In The World

The face of an airline is normally associated by the appearance of its flight attendants. There is a bit of a strenuous task for airlines when it comes to giving specific attention to the appearance and skills of their flight attendants. Such categories as figure, height, smile and uniform fit must all be taken into close consideration by the airline before the hiring process is completed.

Below we have provided you with a list of the 10 most appealing airline cabin crew there are. They are cute, elegant, and just plain smokin’ hot!

Let’s see which airline has the hottest hostesses.

China Eastern Airlines

CEA has unveiled a stylish new uniform today, designed by none other than fashion superbrand Christian Lacroix.

We’ve got the first snaps of the new kit right here, following the uniform’s reveal at a lavish ceremony in China Eastern’s home city of Shanghai.

The bywords are “simple, beautiful and dignified”, says China Eastern, with the new look showcasing cosmopolitan “Shanghai-style fashion”.