50 Fittest Female Athlete in the World with Bonus (Instagram)

Athletes were assessed on six criteria, including strength: the pushing-off power of a pole vaulter or the ballistic backhand of a Grand Slam champion; speed: the top-end velocity of a sprinter or the quick-cut burst of a point guard; endurance: a cyclist’s ceaseless drive or a boxer’s ability to absorb punishment and keep punching; and agility: the fluid movements of a gymnast or the knife-edge balance of a downhill skier. Count down to see who is the fittest female athlete in the world right now.


At 5-foot and 100 pounds, former Division I gymnast Catanzaro proved that size doesn’t matter when she became the first woman to finish the American Ninja Warrior obstacle course and qualify for the finals. To remain light, lean and lightning-quick, Catanzaro sticks to bodyweight circuit training and, of course, practices the AMW obstacles, such as the famous Warped Wall.

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