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What are the chances that a famous woman will be beautiful ? Now what are the chances that beautiful woman will pack a pair of smoking hot feet.  If you guessed about 6-15% you probabely are right.

But you are in luck, as we have done all the hard work for you picking beautiful and famous celebrities, who have feet to die for. This curated list is updated frequently and we recommend that you BOOKMARK it.

Katy Perry Feet

American Pop Star

Katy Perry has millions of fans around the world. Katy Perry’s feet and legs have a huge number of fans too! Katy Perry is a very popular name in the foot fetish community.

She has English, Portuguese, German, Irish, and Scottish ancestry. She has got gorgeous feet, and no wonder they all love her beautiful feet. She wears a size eight shoe. She has long and beautiful toes. Her feet always look healthy, reminding us the fact that the star takes a lot of interest towards keeping her feet and legs beautiful.

Katy Perry Feet | www.wikigrewal.com
Katy Perry Feet | www.wikigrewal.com

Katy Perry is one of the few female celebrities to have a tattoo inked on her feet. She has a smiling strawberry tattoo on the inside of the left ankle. On the inside of her right ankle, she has a peppermint candy tattoo. Did you know that there is a Facebook page specifically for Katy Perry’s feet? The page has more than 30,000 followers! We guess there are more people out there in the world who secretly admire her feet!

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