50 Famous Foot Lovers Celebrities Who Have a Thing for Feet

22. Dwayne Johnson – THE ROCK has a Foot Thing

Rock has never openly admitted that he is a Foot Lover, but he has expressed his likeness for women with ‘beautiful feet’ multiple times.

When asked which Games Of Thrones actress he finds most attractive, he smiled and said ” Maisie William has spectacular feet

He has a peculiar dark side, where he wants to spend hours with those tongue-curling toes by his side. His ex GF also revealed that his particular interest during love-making is scuking on boney long toes.

While shooting for a GQ cover below, rock hand-selected these two-foot models after spending some 3 hours on shortlisting from of a pool of 18 girls. Way to go Rock On!

Dwayne Johnson - The Rock has Foot love
Dwayne Johnson – The Rock has Foot love