50 Famous Foot Lovers Celebrities Who Have a Thing for Feet

1. Michael Jackson Had Foot love

Well after the ‘King of Pop’ was dead, he has been accused of child rape and other things, but you will be amazed to know that Michael Jackson had an uncontrollable urge to look for perfection in female feet.

His daughter Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, has hinted toward some childhood glimpses where, she remembers his dad smelling her mom’s feet.

Paris confirmed that his Dad ‘Michael Jackson’ had Foot love

Jackson married Rowe, a dermatology nurse, while he was on tour in Sydney, Australia.The pair had met while Jackson claimed to have been being treated for vitiligo by dermatologist Arnold Klein, who became a close friend of his.

Rowe was a very attractive blonde with very pretty feet, and Michael would spend hours sleeping with her feet on his face. As a teen Paris could recall a moment when his dad used to help her wear her sandals and appreciate how perfect her feet were.

Michael’s love for feet is universal, and he even appreciated princess Diana’s feet when both of them met while fundraising for UNICEF.

Princess Diana actually took it as a compliment and they both reportedly walked bare feet together for some time, with Michael gobsmacked looking at the princess’s royal feet.