50 Famous Foot Lovers Celebrities Who Have a Thing for Feet

13. Ludacris

The famous American rapper, Ludacris, has openly admitted to being a feet lover on numerous occasions. He says all that he cares about a woman is her beautiful feet.

He told a news reporter that he didn’t care if girls had pimples or other minor imperfections on their body. According to the “Word of Mouf” singer, beautiful feet are his highest priority when selecting a girl for a romantic relationship. Ludacris says he abhors hairy feet.

The 39-year-old singer believes nothing can turn him on more than the sight of a girl with sexy feet, removing her shoe. His Chicken-n-Beer album cover clearly tells the story!

Fast & Furious star, Ludacris, is one celebrity you may not have had pinned as a connoisseur of feet. Oh, but he is. He has outright said, “I definitely love girls with beautiful feet. I have a foot love.” Pretty straightforward, gotta love it.