50 Emma Watson Feet Photos

Emma Watson Feet is the most searched keyword in Google Trends & wikiFeet . As we speak, millions of her fans are already typing different variations of this keyword .

Most noteworthy ,she topped our list of 50 celebrities with beautiful feet, where other actresses like Blake Lively , Katy Perry & Selena Gomes were strong contenders for the crown as well. In case you want to know who has the worst feet in hollywood , you will be amazed to see, how a supermodel can have feet, that will turn you off instantly !

Her Feet Are Hollywood’s Sexiest !

Well there is no doubt about it, Emma is currently most searched foot celebrity in the world. Celebrity feet website wikifeet.com has ranked her feet as #1.

Emma Stone Feet – Hollywood Celebrity Feet
Emma Stone Feet – Hollywood Celebrity Feet

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  1. The woman whom I have been in a relationship with for over 23 years has the tiniest feet I have ever seen. Her dainty little feet are size 3 in Canada, and measure 8 and a quarter inches from heel to big toe. She is only 5ft tall, utterly feminine, and her sexy little feet, are very unique.


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