Emma Stone Feet

Emma Stone Feet are Size 7.5 .  Her toes have been voted “Sexiest Female Toes In The World”. Foot Fetish community has dedicated hundreds of videos, websites & 2789 online forums just on her feet, describing how pretty and perfect they are. No doubt she is a very beautiful actress , and Emma Stone Legs live up to her reputation. We bring you Top 50 pictures of Emma Stone Soles. Emma Stone Toes are long , boney & slender

Emma Stone can’t be left out of the list of famous celebrities the most beautiful feet, not with her slim, curvy and spotless feet. Born on November 1988, Emily Jean Stone is one Hollywood star who has been captivating audiences since 2004 when she starred in teen hits, The House Bunny, Zombieland and Superbad. Along with her five-star feet rating.

Stone is a recipient of such accolades as a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe and an Academy Award. In 2017, she over throned Scarlett Johansson to become the highest-paid actress in the world, thanks to her Oscar-winning role in La La Land.

Emma Stone’s shoe size: 7.5 (US) / 38 (EU). Emma Stone’s height in feet is 5″6′

71. Emma Stone’s Feet Are White as Snow

Her complexion is extremly fair, and no wondor her white fairy feet are an attraction. She is known to get frequent sunburns because of this. Girl you need some tan !

Emma-Stone-Lovely Toes

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