20 Hottest Facts About Elizabeth Olsen

For so many years, fans of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen could apply the theme of their hugely popular The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley franchise to their younger sister! However, there would be no need for a hypothetical “Case of the Missing Sister” episode anymore!

The middle Olsen sister, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Olsen, has graduated from making cameos in her sisters’ direct-to-video volumes to playing starring roles in her very own films.

Mary-Kate and Ashley have paid tribute to Elizabeth by giving her namesake a nod in their fashion line “Elizabeth and James.” Even though Elizabeth’s speaking voice sounds pretty identical to her sisters’, there is much more to devour when it comes to learning about the so-called “other” Olsen.

Sneak a peek at these 50 tidbits to gain insight into Elizabeth Olsen’s emerging legacy.


Elizabeth Prefers No Paparazzi Photos

The Olsens aren’t strangers to the paparazzi’s glare, but when you’re actually in the paparazzi flash, dealing with the pressures of fame can feel extremely stressful!

Even though Elizabeth is familiar with the irritants of fame, she may still struggle with the paparazzi focusing on taking her photo. In an interview with the Telegraph, she expressed her frustrations over the notion of celebrity.