72 yrs ago Sir Win­ston Churchill’s Correctly Predicted India’s DARK Future

“Power will go to the hands of ras­cals, rogues, free­boot­ers; all Indian lead­ers will be of low cal­i­bre & men of straw. They will have sweet tongues and silly hearts. They will fight amongst them­selves for power and India will be lost in polit­i­cal squab­bles. A day would come when even air and water would be taxed in India.”

Sir Winston Churchill wrote this to Ghan­shyam Das Birla, a Gandhi sup­porter who had lunched with Churchill at Chartwell. When Birla repeated the con­ver­sa­tion Gandhi replied: “I have got a good rec­ol­lec­tion of Mr. Churchill when he was in the Colo­nial Office and some­how or other since then I have held the opin­ion that I can always rely on his sym­pa­thy and goodwill.”

Now almost 72 yrs later , indians are trying their best to PROVE HIM RIGHT. Indian politicians , may it be Sonia Gandhi or Prakash Singh Badal (CM Punjab), almost every leader in today’s indian parliament is Corrupt !.

Below are Real Life Examples which prove that Churchill was so Right about India in 1955

More than 95% of Indian politicians are Corrupt.

Let me tell you some points about corruption in India.

  1. There are almost 80 percent politicians are corrupt. As of December 2009, 120 of India’s 524 parliament members are accused of crimes.Many of the biggest scandals since 2010have involved high level government officials, including Cabinet Ministers and Chief Ministers, such as the 2010 Commonwealth Games scam (₹70,000 crore (US$9.7 billion)), the Adarsh Housing Society scam, the Coal Mining Scam(₹1.86 lakh crore(US$26 billion)), the Mining Scandal in Karnatakaand the Cash for Vote scams.
  2. Indian beaurocracy is also corrupt.
  3. Indian officials took high bribes by local people ( Aam aadmi) even for little works. Officials are alleged to steal state property.
  4. Tendering processes and awarding contracts are full of corruption.
  5. The World Bank study finds that the public distribution programmes and social spending contracts have proven to be a waste due to corruption.
  6. In Government Hospitals, corruption is associated with non-availability/duplication of medicines, obtaining admission, consultations with doctors and receiving diagnostic services.
  7. There have been several cases of collusion involving officials of the Income Tax Department of India for preferential tax treatment and relaxed prosecutions in exchange for bribes.
  8. A study conducted between 2004 and 2005 found that India’s driver licensing procedure was a hugely distorted bureaucratic process .
  9. Much of Indian black money is in Switzerland.India was ranked 38th by money held by its citizens in Swiss banks in 2004 but then improved its ranking by slipping to 61st position in 2015 and further improved its position by slipping to 75th position in 2016.
  10. Axis Bank – Income Tax officials raided multiple branches of Axis Bank and found bank officials involved in acts of money laundering.

Many more such Industries, officials and politicians are highly indulge in corruption.

Not only corruption has held the economy back from reaching new heights, but rampant corruption has stunted the country’s development.


Indians are also called SCAMMERS !

Well let’s accept this, we SCAM the foreign tourists & fellow indians alike. Even in urban dictionary there is a Term called ‘Indian Scammer’.

Defination of INDIAN SCAMMER

A person in India who will call you from a scam center there, using a fake American name, saying they are from Microsoft tech support and that you have a virus in your computer, and he needs your personal information to get rid of the virus, but he actually is just going to hack you, take your money, and put a virus in your computer.
Indian Scammer:
Indian calling from India call center: (In heavy Indian accent) Hello, this is Rick, I am calling you today from Microsoft Tech support because we have detected some malware in your computer. We will guide you step by step in order to rid your computer of the virus, ok? First I want you to hold down your four flagged windows key and press R, R as in Romeo. Now I want you to go to this website: type in a, like apple, m, like Michael, m like Michael, y like yellow, y like yellow, dot com. Now press enter. Click the run option…. Now give me your IP address 😉


  • India is regarded as ‘DIRTY’& ‘FILTHY’ country.
  • ‘Population Explosion’ has put India on high alert, India will overtake CHINA by 2035.
  • Chennai (major city) has run out of drinking water, there is absolute mess. India has the snow capped HIMALAYAS, whose fresh water is more than enough to feed whole of india, if routed correcly. Indians waste a lot of water , and by 2025 another 21 cities will run out of ground water.
  • Reverse Boring and water pollution is responsible for >38% of total deaths every year.
  • There is NO CONTROL over how much water you can consume, We have a habit of wasting a lot of water, and nobody seems to care about it.
  • More than 30% of indian youth are unemployed, they depend on their parents for livelihood and participate in politics / drugs / rape / theft & other anti-civic activities.
  • Indians are far from Logic , instead of using ‘Toilet Paper’ to save water they believe in doing YAGNA or PUJA for rain. Sheer ILLETRATE act from Literate people
  • Religious Riots are rampant & it takes priority before ‘Common Sense’
  • There is no value for Human Life. A person might be lying on the road asking for immediate help, but people just keep on driving past that. Police is Corrupt , Doctors are Corrupt…. what to expect.
  • Food Adulteration if a major issue, with carcinogens & chemicals are found in milk, vegetable & fruits.
  • Plastic contamination in Water,Soil & Air (burning) has crossed all limits. 7 out of 10 most polluted cities in the world are form india..what an accomplishment.
  • Sex Ratio is a complete mess, preference for male child has led to illegal abortions, bringing the ratio down. There is a Village in HARYANA, where there is NO girls available, & males have to Smuggle females from UP & Bihar for marriage.
  • India is largest producer of plastic in the world & have the  most plastic waste.
  • Rapid deforestation has led to decrease in O2 levels & increase in Particulate contamination. Air in certain cities has been classed as ÚNSAFE TO BREATHE’ by W.H.O

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