50 Famous Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions Ever

Laura Govan “The Wedding Ringer” World Premiere

Laura Govan attends the premiere of “The Wedding Ringer” at TCL Chinese Theatre on January 6, 2015, in Hollywood, California. Govan, 35, accidentally exposed more than what she wanted while she was having her pictures taken alone and alongside her sister Gloria Govan.

Laura and her boobs are clearly having a ball.

At first, our eyes were very cleverly distracted by her sister Gloria Govan’s dress, which was displaying so much side-boob, it was more just full boob. But as hard as Gloria’s nipples tried to free themselves, it just wasn’t to be.

No, it was Laura’s nips that emerged victorious in the fight for freedom. Largely due to the fact her dress was in no way attached to her breasts and was functioning more as a framing device to emphasize their glorious red-carpet debut. WHO CARES, Laura and her boobs are clearly having a ball.