50 Famous Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions Ever

Kate Middleton’s Wardrobe Malfunction

A picture of the Duchess of Cambridge’s exposed her bare bottom has been published online by a German newspaper, in a move likely to spark another privacy row between Clarence House and members of the European media. The image of the royal bottom, described as “notorious”, was taken during a recent Royal tour of Australia. The photographer captured the revealing shot after wind from a helicopter blew up Kate’s skirt whilst she and the Prince were visiting the Blue Mountains near Sydney.

 Though she has always handled it well, fashion has failed the Duchess of Cambridge multiple times. The wind and the Duchess of Cambridge are not friends. Kate’s had a ton of wardrobe malfunctions due to gusty conditions. It’s probably part of the reason she wears so many wool coatdresses — the heavy material is more likely to stay in place so she doesn’t have to bend completely over to rescue her skirt from the wind. Also, her poor hair!