50 Celebrity Plastic Surgeries | Before and After Images

How many times have you wished to look like your favorite celebrity? Perhaps it was their shapely nose, angular cheekbones, pretty smile or their shapely derriere that caught your eye and made you look more than twice. But do you know chances are that the features of your favorite celeb you are crushing over are courtesy of a place like Xiluet plastic surgery in Miami?

Yes, that’s correct. Celebrities and plastic surgery go hand in hand now. Maybe a nip here and a tuck there or sometimes something on the lines of extreme plastic surgery, but famous people are changing the way they look more comfortable now than before. Some are even talking openly about it while some leave us to speculate.

No matter how subtle the changes are but celebrities before and after plastic surgery look different. And based on this very difference we have compiled a list of 31 celebrities before and after surgery images irrespective of their denial or acceptance of getting some work done. Let’s find out who went to the surgeon!

1. Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery

The Kardashian-Jenner clan is known for treating its plastic surgeon as a family physician. That’s how regular they are with staying up to date with their cosmetic procedures. So it was not a surprise when we saw the drastic transformation of Kylie Jenner. Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery has been always in the news. From her face to her body, everything looks completely different. She has only admitted to getting fillers in her face and has denied going under the knife for other rumored procedures. However, if you look at the celebrities before and after plastic surgery pictures, you will see her very proportional hourglass figure which just cannot be attributed to a simple weight gain. It is speculated that apart from fillers she has undergone rhinoplasty, chin enhancement, breast augmentation, and Brazilian butt lift.

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