50 Hollywood Celebrities with Huge Feet – Stars with Big Feet

Mandy Moore Feet – Size 10

Some women just are not the type that you would think would have big feet, and Mandy is one of them. Her huge feet probably helped her walk away from her marriage with Ryan Adams, though. TMZ said that “neither will pay spousal support.” According to the divorce documents, Mandy is keeping a Beverly Hills condo and a 2012 Prius. Meanwhile, Ryan gets to keep his comic book collection, some pinball machines … plus a 2008 Porsche Carrera and a ’59 Cadillac. “They’re each holding on to their respective publishing rights for any music created during their nearly 6-year marriage,” according to TMZ. While Mandy is keeping their Griffith Park home, she’s agreed to split the furniture with Ryan. Since Ryan’s takeaway assets add up to more than Mandy’s … he’s also paying her $425,000 in cash to make things even.” Maybe he was intimidated by her size 10 feet.

At 5’10,” she wears size 10 shoes and she told James Corden during a guest appearance on his show that Justin Timberlake once flat out told her, “You have big feet for a girl!”