50 Hollywood Celebrities with Huge Feet – Stars with Big Feet

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Khloe Kardashian Feet – Size 10

The Kardashians are known for having big things. Big butts, big bank accounts, a big sense of entitlement. In fact, the only thing that they do not seem to have a big sense of is a sense of shame. Khloe is no exception to the big rule as her feet are a size 10. In fact, and I am not 100% positive, but she and Lamar Odom can probably share shoes, even if they do have problems sharing a home, apparently. Although Khloe supposedly nursed Lamar back to health after all of his problems, apparently the two have gone their separate ways once again.  Khloe and Kendall are tied for the biggest feet in the family, and knowing this family I bet Kim is probably jealous about the whole thing and is attempting to get foot implants to make her feet bigger.