50 Hollywood Celebrities with Huge Feet – Stars with Big Feet

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Lauren Ambrose Feet Size 10

Lauren is an actress, from New Haven Connecticut, who is also a classically trained opera singer. She is not a particularly famous one.  Her biggest role was in Six Feet Under, which was a critically acclaimed show that was on HBO. Lauren won two Screen Actors Guild Awards for her acting in that series. But that is the thing about big feet on a woman, they both give and they take away.  What other list is going to have Kendall Jenner, Uma Thurman, and Lauren Ambrose on it in the entire world? Well, none other than a list about chicks with big feet. So Lauren, count your blessings because your big feet might still be your ticket to the big time. She also has been in a few movies like Can’t Hardly Wait and Psycho Beach Party. 

Celebrities with huge Feet