50 Hollywood Celebrities with Huge Feet – Stars with Big Feet

Tyra Banks Feet – Size 11.5

Now just as Kate Winslet is someone that is kind of surprising to have such huge feet, Tyra Banks is someone that you would guess would have huge feet. Let’s face it, everything about Tyra is enormous; even her personality is big. But with that said, would you guess that Tyra would have feet that are size 11.5?  Really Tyra? That’s huge! Fans of Tyra and her gigantic feet will have the opportunity to see her soon on a show called Funded which is a new show that seems to be a Shark Tank rip off on NBC. Say what you want about Tyra, her personality, and her enormous feet, but she always is out there working, keeping her name out there, and making money all while managing to look good at the same time.