50 Hollywood Celebrities with Huge Feet – Stars with Big Feet

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Uma Thurman Feet – Size 11

Uma Thurman has long been known as a very sexy woman. While she has faded from the public eye a bit, back in the day she was about as hot as they came. She had both a classic beauty and a bit of an artsy edge, which meant both your typical high school quarterback as well your average artsy nerd were both ways into her. Oh yeah, and her feet are huge. Size 11, to be precise. What the heck? A guy that was rumored to think Uma’s feet were totally hot was Quentin Tarantino. There were a lot of rumors floating around that he had a bit of a foot thing (Foot Fetish), and the movie Pulp Fiction did nothing to dispel any of those. If you have not watched it for a while, or did not notice the first time, watch it again sometime and check out all the different shots featuring Uma’s feet.

Celebrities with Huge Feet