50 Hollywood Celebrities with Huge Feet – Stars with Big Feet

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Paris Hilton Feet – Size 11

Okay, so now we are getting into the true queens of the big feet world. While a size 10 is certainly pretty huge, it is still sort of common; a lot of bigger girls wear a 9 or a 10, even though a 10 is pushing it. But once we get up to the 11, then we really have something a bit different going on. We really have entered into the upper realms of huge feet. And who wears an 11, you ask? Well, one woman that does is Paris Hilton. While her popularity has been a bit down of late, at one point she rode her looks, her name, her attitude, her personality, and even her huge feet into becoming one of the biggest stars in the world. In fact, she used to have Kim Kardashian clean her closet.  Things have changed a bit though, as the only thing you will probably read about her today is how UGLY her toes are, she actually has hammertoes.

Celebrities with Huge Feet

Hilton has toned it down throughout the years and isn’t in the news as much as she used to. When asked what’s the one thing she hated about her body, she said it was her size 11 feet because she looked like she had clown feet when wearing flats or tennis shoes. Her solution? She started her own footwear line!