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What celebrities have bunions?… The top 50 Celebrities with Bunions, Meghan Markle, Victoria Beckham and Oprah Winfrey all suffer from bunions..

An estimated one-third of every westernized country suffers from bunions, and because of a number of factors, including footwear choices and genetics, it is very much a female problem.
These bony protrusions by the big toe joint can result in a myriad of issues, including pain, embarrassment, and difficulty finding a nice pair of shoes that actually fit.

To provide some comfort in knowing you’re not alone with bunions, take a look at the feet of these gorgeous famous women from around the world who are in exactly the same predicament as you. Are you ready to see the celebrity bunion photos?

Amal Clooney – Lebanese-British International Law Barrister

Celebrity Amal Clooney with Bunions