21 Celebrities Who Look Stunning In Yoga Pants

From a male perspective, yoga pants have been gifted to fashion directly from the Gods. Because these leggings and workout pants are so tight and form-fitting, they bring lots of attention to the booty and even give it an extra lift. Of course, not everyone can pull off yoga pants – it requires a particularly admirable butt to make these pants look good. The celebrities on this list don’t just look OK in yoga pants – they look stupendous!

#17 and #13 are our favorites, but you’ll have to see for yourself why!

All of them look amazing and we would love to see them wearing tight pants more often, even though some of them are not even doing yoga or another type of sport. Let’s take a deep breath to prepare for what’s coming next.

#22 – Kylie Jenner

Kim’s little sister Kylie Jenner has been stealing the show for a couple of years due to her social media accounts that have millions of followers, comments, and likes. She shows no signs of stopping and recently she released her own makeup kit. Her looking great in a pair of black leggings is no surprise to anyone, and her fabulous body surely catch all the eyes on the streets! But is she really coming from a yoga class as the next actress from our list does?