Kim Taehyung Feet, Soles & Nails of BTS Korean K-pop

Kim Taehyung of BTS likes to keep his Nail, Feet and Toes Perfect

Taehyung Has a Foot Fetish

  • he loves posting his feet on Twitter for all of their millions of followers to see.
  • has called girls feet pretty on a radio show
  • and said on celeb bromance with minjae that he wanted a foot massage, like, he specifically said that.
  • this photo
  • literally showed off his feet to the camera while in osaka
  • during the hide & seek #2 bangtan bomb the punishment for cheating was spanking, but when tae went out to dish it he just grabbed jimin and jungkook’s FEET and started spanking that. why their feet??? i think we all know.
  • Explain: Can someone tell me why taehyung pulled jimin’s foot over his own shoulder and then hugged his thigh to his chest what goes on vmin.

Conclusion: Kim taehyung has a thing for his own feet and for other people’s feet.