Bridgette Wilson Foot Massage Video

This Viral video is from “Sweet Evil” (also known as “Final Vendetta” and “Surrogate Mother“). Killer surrogate mother Jennifer Ray Clark (Bridgette Wilson) gets her feet rubbed by Naomi Nomura (Seiko Matsuda), whose child she is carrying.

Jennifer asks Naomi how she learned massage (“from my mother”) and about a sword on the wall (“that was my grandfather’s”). She then gets aggressively bossy and demands Naomi continue when she says she is tired. After Jennifer says some disturbing things, Naomi gets up and leaves.

I’m not sure who originally created the clip but credit to NFH @ the Mousepad for providing it. As parts that don’t show Bridgette’s feet are cut, that’s why some dialogue is missing. I put the scene on repeat as it is very short. Stay tuned for more.