Top 100 Bollywood Celebrity Feet

Shraddha Kapoor Feet

Shraddha Kapoor (born 3 March 1987) is an Indian actress and singer who is noted for her work in Bollywood films.

The daughter of actor Shakti Kapoor, she began her acting career with a brief role in the 2010 heist film Teen Patti and followed it with her first leading role in the teen drama Luv Ka The End (2011). Shraddha Kapoor’s FOOT MASSAGE Video went Viral.

She even admitted having a Foot Fetish and has posed with naked feet and toes. Shradhha’s feet are white or Gore (in Hindi), and a big turn-on for her fans !. She is known as very open-minded about Foot Fetish. She has admitted in an interview that if her Fans like her feet then, it’s a compliment to her. When one of her fans requested her to post a Candid Video of getting a Foot Massage. She posted this video up on Bollywood Celebrity Feet.


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