Best Instagram Foot Models | Part 2


She has the most beautiful feet I’ve ever seen. @notfortheinbetween . Her’s are pretty Instagram feet as voted by thousands of foot lovers on Instagram.

I receive a ton of DMs/requests about socks. It’s flattering, but I’m very forthcoming about the fact that my feet are not of the stinky variety. Honesty is the best policy you see. No hard feelings, and no frito marinated or manufactured stink socks.
I may only stand at a paltry 6’3”. These feet of mine may only measure a size 12. I assure you that I love every single bit of this reality. This towering, eye-catching, palm-er of random stranger’s head’s kinda life. Own every “bizarre” nuance of your existence. Life’s too short to worry about being average.

Things that make you go hmmm, or is it mmmm, or is it both?
Anyway, enjoy this toes appreciation post.

i will wash ur holy feet with rose ? scent ? water….. wooow.. but one thing ur natural feet scent is more pleasant. ❤️ if i got a chance to touch ? that Holy water ? ….. OMG ? Dreaming….

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