Best IG Feet Pages | 50 Instagram Foot Models with Feet worthy of Foot Fetish

There’s a trend on Instagram that has people pointing their cameras toward the ground.  Good looking babes are weirdly obsessed with taking pictures of their feet. Top Foot Models on Instagram have something nice to share. Sharing feet on IG is not that became viral recently. Searching for hashtags like #feet , #girlfeet, #myfeet and #footphotography on Instagram will bring up thousands of people snapping pics of their toes to share with the world.

We bring to you Top Instagram Celebrities feet pages on Internet.

33. Prii_Feet

Perfil Oficial, Feet Size : 39, Lives in São Paulo

This Brazilian hot chick has very pretty feet. Very aesthetic look, healthy and broad nails, perfectly complimented by flawless skin tone. We love her instagram too

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