Best Chiropractors In The World & Youtube in 2021 (Updated)

As patients we are pretty spoilt these days in terms of access to information about our health care professionals. Before we even step into the office of a family physician, orthopedic surgeon, or chiropractor, we can search online for details of their educational history, disciplinary hearings, board certification, and even reviews by fellow patients.

There are plenty of online YT videos that offer helpful information for anyone looking for a chiropractor to treat neck pain. These review sites can tell us about a doctor’s bedside manner, compassion, and punctuality, as well as giving us information about the staff at their clinic, and even handy tips to find parking!

One of these sites,, maintains a list of the top 10 chiropractors in the world, helping those with neck pain and other health problems find out who is providing the best treatment according to fellow patients.

5. Dr. Beau Hightower

DrBeau B Hightower earned the first of three Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology from the University of New Mexico. Subsequent Bachelor of Science degrees in Anatomy, followed by Health and Wellness were earned. DrHightower graduated with honors from Parker University where he earned his DC degree.

He has 1.5 M subscribers on his Youtube Channel . He has successfully treated NFL players, major league baseball players, national champion NCAA wrestlers, champion UFC fighters, Ironman triathletes, elite marathon runners, Olympic athletes, and IFBB professional bodybuilders. He is the sports medicine doctor for Jackson’s MMA and was recently appointed to the medical staff for the USA Indoor Track and Field Championships.