Top 20 Best Travel Destinations In Asia

You’ve been dreaming of traveling to Asia on a vacation for years now, and you’ve finally saved enough money to go. How exciting! There are so many incredible places to discover. How will you ever make a decision? Research is a good place to start off your adventure. Look to these 20 places to have the time of your life in Asia.

1. Hong Kong

It used to be a British colony, and it’s a city that really stands apart from Britain and China. If adventure, mountain climbing, skyscrapers, and theme parks are what you hold dear to your heart, then you may never want to leave this lively, massive city. The lights of Hong Kong are vibrant and each building lures you into curiosity. The streets are so busy with seas of people you could lose yourself in. Sounds amazing, right? Well book your trip to Hong Kong today and find out.
In Hong Kong you can observe the amazing skyline of this great landmark. You can also take the Star Ferry to sail around the city by water and when night comes, you can see the beautiful lights of the buildings. Victoria Peak is another great way to view the city of Hong Kong because you’re high up on its observation deck. See the beautiful Big Buddha that will make you feel small and in awe at the same time by its size and detail. After a long day of site seeing, taste the cuisine of China at the Tin Lung Heen where the classy environment and the delicious food will keep you satisfied long after you leave. The Langham, Hong Kong Hotel is possibly the most beautiful and opulent place you will ever stay at during your time in Hong Kong.