Top 10 Most Beautiful Venezuelan Women

Venezuelan women are a symbol of beauty. The Latin country is famous for its contribution to the fashion industry all over the world. Venezuela has won all four of the pageants, not once but multiple times. We have gathered 10 of the most beautiful women from Venezuela. Sit tight and enjoy the pleasing perusal.

1. Gaby Espino

Gaby Espino Most Beautiful Venezuelan Woman

Gaby Espino is noted for her works in telenovelas. The charming lady who is adamant to make an impact all over the world has been screened in around 90 countries. Gaby was born in Venezuela in 1976. Growing up in Maracay, she studied public relations, and due to her extreme talent in acting, Gaby decided to work in the acting industry. Her notable works include A todo corazon, Mas sabe el diablo, Jugar Con Fuego, and many more. She was the celebrity guest at Macy’s Hispanic Heritage Month in 2017.