Rafael Nadal’s brazilian ball girl – Let’s find this beautiful tennis ball girl name


No wonder you have been searching all these years, for the ‘Beautiful tennis ball girl Name’ who was staring continuously at Rafael Nadal during the Grand Slam. Well, the girl’s name is “Fernanda Maia Carelli“. She is the Brazilian tennis ball girl, whose hungry look at Nadal, took the internet by storm. Her tik-tok account shows her beautiful body and perfect smile

Her Instagram photos will provide you a sigh of relief, that all your search is now over. This Brazilian ball girl was spotted Glaring & Staring at Rafael Nadal during a Tennis Match. Sources reveal her name to be “Fernanda Maia Carelli” . Fernanda Maia and Rafael Nadal’s video has gone viral, ever since being posted on Youtube. Female tennis player

We dig below info on her

  • Born: 10 August 1988 , Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Sports commentator for “De Primeira” Rádio Mix FM
  • Presenter of “SBT Esporte Rio”
  • Official Announcer Nilton Santos Stadium
beautiful tennis ball girl name
beautiful tennis ball girl name

She is happily married and has 2 kids with her long-term BF. She looks much more attractive in this video than she does in her Instagram pictures, but we must note here that she has aged prematurely, and also the video is 10 years old when she was 22. Rafael nadal hot ball girl

Hottest Ball Girl In Tennis History staring at RAFAEL NADAL


Rafa can clearly be seen under a lot of pressure here. It’s very hard to play proper tennis with such attractive ball girls deployed on the field. That girl is an absolute dime. US Open needs to take notes on court attendants