Top 50 Most Beautiful Pakistani Women In The World

13. Hareem Farooq

Date of Birth: 26 May 1989
Place of Birth: Islamabad, Pakistan
Height: 1.65m
Profession: Actress

Looking at the ethereally beautiful Hareem Farooq, one would not be able to believe that she made her big-screen debut with a horror film like Siyaah. Nevertheless, this supremely talented actress went on to do some quality TV roles as well, the most notable of which was in Diyar e Dil. Her portrayal of Arjumand on this super hit show showcased her command over her craft and left an indelible mark on viewers’ minds. This stunning actress also spoke up against society’s unhealthy obsession with size zero figures. She advocates healthy eating and self-love. We sure need more celebrities like Hareem Farooq speaking up about these serious issues.