50 Most Beautiful Jewish Woman In The World

Yael Shelbia Cohen

One of the prettiest Jewish woman in my eyes. She’s modest, decent, religious and a very observant Jew.

“I am a religious person, I believe in G-D and pray to him, I listen to the Rabbi lectures, I observe Shabbat and Kashrut, but I know that from an external perspective I do not look like I have these traits… I stay in for Shabbat, and when I’m abroad I keep the Shabbat and look for the kosher restaurants to eat there.

It was sad for her since she’s from an Orthodox Jewish background, her modelling career became a controversy and was threatened to almost expulsion from her religious Ulpana. Her family, however, had been supportive of her career as long as it would not interfere with her religious studies. She only ate matzo crackers for four days because she couldn’t find kosher restaurants in Milan, and already lost millions of shekels for refusing to wear bikinis and bathing suits, her choice of clothing, and for keeping Shabbat.

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