R.I.P THE COSMIC BARBER ~ Legendary ASMR Baba from India

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must have heard about the legendary ‘Baba The Cosmic Barber’ , also known as ASMR Baba from pushkar, India.

Baba Sen is known to give world’s greatest head massage, and his millions of fans will endorse that. His world famous relaxing indian head massage, went viral on youtube , several years back.

This detailed wikipedia page is devoted to Baba Sen. Now that he is no more (he died) , this baba sen wikipedia article will provide detailed information about the legend, and hopefully baba will remain in our hearts..forever

Kindly read the full article as we share baba sen’s rare photos and videos as well. As a follower myself, I know baba is now a part of cosmos, and strongly believe that he is happy in whatever form he is !




Basically baba started the phenomenal ASMR revolution on internet way back in 2008, when a tourist Massimo visited his hair salon and later his Youtube Video went viral.

He started something that helped millions of people sleep. He gave people the ‘World’s Greatest Indian Head Massage’.


Baba Sen’s Law : “Cosmic energy is never destroyed, it is only converted from one form to another I guess all that cosmic energy he was grabbing were his past reincarnation”


Baba’s Ticket To Viral Success

The small town of Pushkar is situated in the northwest of India, wrapped around a sacred lake that’s long inspired pilgrimages from around the country, as Hindus believe bathing in its waters will purify their spirit as well as their skin. But walk a block away from the lake’s northern edge, along one of its narrow, vendor-lined streets, and you may stumble across a miniscule storefront trimmed in faded gold paint. The sign above the door reads “BABA HAIR DRESSER.” There are two more signs flanking the doorway, listing a series of services (haircuts, shaves, henna tattoos) and a short bit of advice to passersby: “Ladies & Gents. DON’T MISS ME.”

This is where Baba Sen fell headfirst into a tidal wave of internet fame. Not for his haircuts or shaves, although Baba has the steady hand and confident speed of a skilled craftsman. This middle-aged Indian man, with his luxuriant mustache and wild, lively eyes, instead went viral for his signature head massage. So now, among a certain internet community, he’s simply known as Baba, the Cosmic Barber, purveyor of the “world’s greatest head massage.”

Whether or not it’s actually the best, Baba’s head massage is surely the most unique. He doesn’t just rub the scalp, he smacks, slaps, scratches and caresses it, all the while inhaling and exhaling with loud whooshes of air. His eyes narrow as he grabs invisible energy from the space around their bodies and sprinkles it on the customer’s scalp with a satisfied grin. Next comes massage of the shoulders and back, using his hands and also a small moonstone sphere that amplifies physical pressure and spiritual power. This is how Baba treats every customer’s seven Chakras, the critical energy points defined in a number of Indian spiritual practices


Baba’s Youtube Success

Nearly a decade ago, three Western men who had met in Pushkar decided to explore the streets together and stumbled into Baba’s hair salon. The idea was for one of the men to get a quick shave. Baba offered the massage afterward, and another man decided to film it. That video rapidly racked up views, with 10.3 million total clicks as of today. Other videos of Baba have gotten millions of views as well, putting his total somewhere in the ballpark of 180 million.


Baba Sen, the godfather himself, had taken to the trend. He was late to make his own channel, but he’s did so with the help of two American travelers who visited him in Pushkar to make their own video. The duo “donated” their initial upload, and while Baba has only put up nine more videos since the channel’s launch two years ago, he has more than 45,000 subscribers waiting for new content and a Paypal where you can send him money.

“My healing, my chakra, I give people. I give also thanks for views to YouTube. I don’t know about what YouTube is, but I give you people many, many thank yous,” Baba says in a video interview with the Nomad Barber. “You and everyone coming to India to see me, thank you.”





Bab sen was not keeping well from last few yrs, he died on 19th Oct 2018 at the age of 47from a massive Cardiac Arrest.

This untimely heart attack has taken away a kind soul from us forever. Baba Sen was the pioneer who started the ASMR thing back in 2008.
Baba passed away. If you can support his family through : Paypal  Patreon

His official announcment of death was disclosed to miilions of his follwers via Reddit , Youtube ,

ASMR was his brainchild, although he never realized, that his videos has garnered over 1 billion views on youtube.

This is the saddest day ever for the ASMR community. We all knew Baba was before we even heard what ASMR was. It would be great if many ASMRtists out there did some kind of Baba roleplay tribute.

Following are the heart touching comments from his follwers & well wishers

— He’s finally went back to cosmos. Rest in peace Baba.


— I just pledged $3.00/ Month on Patreon for Baba’s Family. I hope it helps ❤️??


— The man may have died, but his legend is eternal.


— Baba didn’t die, he became one with the cosmos. He fulfilled his purpose in driving the passion of positivity into the hearts of thousands. Rest in peace, Legend.


Those who are in Heaven will now truly feel like they are in Heaven, thanks to Baba Sen!

Many people ask me about baba sen’s net worth.  All I have to say is that, he wasn’t a rich man !. He took pride in his work, and his foreign sponsors did shared the you tube revenue with him. But he lived just a simple life.

Hope you enjoyed this article, and will share it with your friends. Also leave your comments below. Baba’s legend must stay for centuries, and only way to do it, is to get this knowledge to the outer world, who still think ASMR was started by a white fairy !

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