50 Insanely Beautiful Photos Of Anna Kendrick

She’s An Insane Lord Of The Rings Fan

Could Anna Kendrick be any cooler? Yes, apparently, she could. It’s true: the Pitch Perfect star has a really awesome taste in movies, given that she’s a huge fan of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films. To such a degree, in fact, that she hosts an epic marathon once a year to watch all three of the extended editions in one huge sitting.

Anna Kendrick | Headhunter's Horror House Wiki | Fandom

Anna Kendrick | Headhunter’s Horror House Wiki | FandomApparently, she was also interested in appearing in The Hobbit movies, but nothing ever came of it. Maybe now that she’s seen them, though, she’s kind of glad that she didn’t end up in Jackson’s video game-esque prequels. Kendrick definitely looks like she could play an elf of some sort, though. Just imagine Anna Kendrick with those pointy ears – somebody should seriously think about Photoshopping that at some point.